Flyers, infosheets and posters all in one, with switching artwork on the cover for exhibition space Troef Leiden

The choice to combine our full housestyle was made by the harsh reality of artfunding (everything we make is going to the artists). 
Switching the place in the leaflet the three artists - per exhibition - have, makes things fair and keeps things exciting. Three posters and layouts in an edition of 50 each per exhibition. Distributed by legs around Leiden, hand-folded at the studio. Printed on 90 g/m² RecyStar. Titlefont is Migra by @pangram.pangram body text in Neue Haas Grotesk. Texts are set in English and Dutch.

TROEF LEIDENInkjet printed on 90 g/m2 Recystar.
Edition of 50 per exhibition.
Hand-folded at the studio.
Employing Migra by pangram.pangram and Neue Haas Grotesk for the body text.

exhibition space flag

Seeing, Saying exhibition
Looking Forward, Feeling Back exhibition

text and information side

poster side

poster and text side
the backside highlights the artists on show. There are as many versions of the poster as we have artists for that exhibition. 

To Belong exhibition social media layout for exhibitions

social media layout for single events

website homepage and artist page