Poster for the Leiden Exposed exhibition ‘Voor de Vorm

Leiden, a city where artists like Rembrandt and Van Doesburg once began their journeys, only to swiftly move on to cultural hotspots of their time, such as Amsterdam or Paris. History appears to be repeating itself, as young artists are currently leaving Leiden.

Curated by Emma van Noort, the exhibition features works by the following artists:
  • Charlotte de Beus
  • Jeroen van Wijk
  • Julia July
  • Karl Karlas
  • Maaike van Everdingen
  • Maarten Slof
  • Sam Wilson Fletcher
  • Velowa

Spray paint and collage mixed media, digital typesetting, print run of 200.
80 x 60cm

in collaboration with Julia July.

Leiden Exposed was on show from July 7th 2023 to October 1st 2023 at the Stadsfoyer Stadhuis Leiden.